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Welcome to 705 Furnace & AC

Welcome to 705 Furnace & AC

We install natural gas and propane furnaces and air conditioners in the lower 705 area code. Do you have a cottage or home in Barrie, Orillia, Lake Simcoe area? Consider 705 Furnace (Tyson Leitch-Owner) to install your next furnace or air conditioner.

Enjoy your cottage all year round with affordable and efficient central heating and AC. Over the last decade heating and cooling appliances have become more efficient than ever. Some save over 40% on their HVAC bill compared with older equipment.

Does your cottage lack the ductwork needed for forced air appliances? No worries, 705 Furnace & AC also does sheet metal and ductwork at great prices.

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Stone Cottage Furnace
Clean / Organized Furnace Installation at Stone Cottage